The Need To Notarize

A Notary Public these days is high in demand everywhere.  The fast-paced and highly mobilized era has greatly made drastic changes with people's need for notary services.  But how can you quickly find a notary public if you need your legal documents notarized ASAP?

What Does a Public Notary do?

A notary determines if documents are authentic. The job of the notary involves legalizing documents, affidavits, child support papers, personal reasons, will, last testaments, wedding licenses and others.

A notary is there to protect the public by ensuring that the signer of documents are properly identified, and that all documents are legal. The notary is also responsible in keeping all records intact for investigation, and record purposes. The state appoints and authorized a notary to work as an independent witness when important documents are signed.

Documents for the following need to be notarized:

* Purchasing a new house


* Buying a commercial land


* Starting a local or international business

* Having your property leased


* Adopting a child

* Migration


Citizens wishing to have documents notarized should bring the shop.  The fees are $10.00 per signature per document.

Moblie Notary Services

Can't get away?  Need us to come to you?  When contacting a moblie notary service, make sure to do the following things:

1. Be available when the notary service arrives and have all of your documents prepared.

2. All documents must be in English, as the  must understand all the documents being signed.

3. Make sure that you are free from any intoxication in order for the notary services to be successful.

The fees for mobile notary, entirely depends with the complexity of documents, as well as with the number of copies to be notarized.  Please call us at 541-714-0221 or contact us below.