The Evil Eye with its watchful gaze is believed to keep us safe from jealousy and harm.  The dark blue color of the Evil Eye represents good karma and inner peace for its bearer. 

Hematite is a root chakra stone that promotes grounding and protection. Known as the ‘’stone of the mind’’ it promotes logic, memory, and self esteem 

This bracelet showcases 3 beads. An evil eye glass bead and two hematite beads encased in a colorful waxed nylon macrame thread of your choice. 

Bracelet is held together by an adjustable closure. It’s offered in several lengths and with many custom options. 

Bracelets are custom and made to order with each client in mind. Adornment that comes reiki charged and ready to support you on your journey. 

Now you can protect yourself from all those prying eyes and not so well-wishers! 🧿

Hematite Evil Eye Protection Macrame Braclet

Child Size
Adjustable Closure